The Division 2 Review: New Threat To Privacy

The Division 2 Review – From snowy New York, US government agents were called to Washington, where after the epidemic a group war began. If the civilians decided to create small communities, the aggressive Americans joined gangs and began to fight for their territory. In order not to transform the city into an “island” of crime and anarchy, the US government has sent agents who will have to clean up the consequences.

I wish I could tell you more about the plot, but The Division 2’s story and characters were so interesting they flew out of my head after an hour. They try to break the emotions of the player, to show the lives of people who have seen it all, but it looks sad. Basically, a conversation with an NPC boils down to receiving a task, explaining its importance, and nodding your head from a silent agent. Yet the indescribable plot is not only the fault of the writers, but also the gameplay, which skillfully and dramatically catches the player’s full attention.


It’s time to get down to business

Traditionally, right after passing the prologue, Ubisoft throws the player tasks and various activities. Side and narrative missions, points with events and places with useful resources are indicated on the map. As a result, after taking part in a story mission, the player is constantly distracted by minor activities: they run after the chest, then free the hostage, then simply shoot at enemy patrol boats.

In addition, the world is large and divided into zones by level, so you don’t have to complain about the lack of content. There is always something going on in the world of The Division 2. Yes, all of these tasks are pretty monotonous, but that is covered by the second perk of the game – shooting.

The weapons in The Division 2 are based on real world designs and try to be as realistic as possible. It won’t work just to aim for a point and pull while holding the trigger. In addition, the weapon behaves differently and at first you will be looking for an option that suits you, but there are a lot of choices. You can choose from machine guns, assault rifles, pistols, semi-automatic rifles, PPs, “snipers” and their majestic shotguns.

Each weapon has its own damage model, but they have one thing in common: good physics. Additionally, the weapon is well expressed and feels like you’re not shooting a plastic stick straight from CoD, but rather a heavy lethal weapon.

The shootings also add to the fun. In The Division 2, you won’t be able to just grab a machine gun and encounter a group of enemies – you will be destroyed in seconds. The game encourages a tactical approach and attention.

Most of the fights will take place under cover, but you won’t be able to sit behind a box and shoot enemies. The opponents are quite smart and know how to move from behind, circle, take advantage of their advantages and even smoke grenades. This forces you to constantly change your position and watch the situation, because at some point there may be an enemy behind your back, who will land the final blow.


Agent’s best friend

Special gadgets capable of shooting, defending and even healing will help in shootouts. For example, there is a frag grenade that can launch explosive projectiles or capsules that restore armor. The same drone can attack enemies or create a shield around the agent, increasing their chances of survival.

The Division 2 does not have the usual RPG class system with attackers, defenders, and healers. Players are encouraged to create their own classes using the same gadgets. Do you want to be a field doctor? You’re welcome. Do you like to “tank”? Shield in your hands! Do you want to crush enemies in batches? The grenade launcher is at your service! In addition, the player can always change his combat devices, thus changing the conventional class.

New devices are unlocked for special points that can be obtained for completing missions. Each gadget has multiple branches, so you have to run a lot of them to try out all the changes. There are also tech points that the player purchases skills for, such as an additional slot for weapons or an increase in experience gained for a head shot kill.

In general, The Division 2 pushes the player to use technological feats. Fire exchanges are difficult and additional fire support in the form of a turret is always welcome. Gadgets work best in co-op battles, when players are helping each other out, and a well-thrown healing grenade can save the day.


You’re not alone

The Division 2 cooperative was also delighted. If you want to play the role of a lone wolf then please, but you can still find yourself brothers in arms. First of all, in a separate menu you can create a group and invite other players to it, having previously indicated the activity for which the company is heading. Second, before every task, be it a side mission or a storytelling adventure, the player can call in agents for help.

Unfortunately, both options work with varying degrees of success. The first time the group was found in a minute, and the second time I had to sit for five minutes and finally go and fight on my own. It is possible that this was an early access issue, which only included owners of the “Golden” and “Ultimate” editions.

Either way, Ubisoft gives you the option of getting a party together for any adventure, something Destiny 2 lacks. In The Division 2, you don’t have to run through the forums or create a query in it. ‘application – everything is done in the game itself. Plus, you can still join a clan and acquire a small army of companions. Ideally.


“Dark Zone”

Allies will also come in handy when traveling in dark areas, where the virus is still raging. With the outbreak of the epidemic, the military began an urgent evacuation and threw in their best weapons, which are now available to anyone who dares to take them. To take a weapon out of the “Dark Zone” you must find it, then evacuate it and send it for disinfection. It’s just when sending, you need to be on alert.

In the “Dark Zone”, players should be afraid not only of computer opponents, but also of other agents who may open fire on their colleagues for the good of the equipment. So you need to be careful and get support.

Another feature of the “Dark Zone” is a separate level for the player. Even if you avoid this activity throughout the game and already get there with the max level, you will have to start your journey all over again.



By exploring every nook and cranny of Washington and going shopping, the player will be able to obtain resources which will be useful for crafting. The agent will be able to create weapons, equipment and attachments for weapons that improve his characteristics. In addition, the resources can be used for a good cause, transferring part of the accumulated settlements for the implementation of projects aimed at improving people’s lives.

The main base, located at the White House, is being upgraded with new staff. The characters will appear gradually in the agent’s life, after passing the story stages and additional tasks. Such an additional reason to run.


Life after 30

When the agent has completed all the orders, he will most likely reach maximum level 30. The game does not end there, as the player will now have to face new challenges, opponents and a competitive mode.

Leveling up unlocks three additional specializations: Sharpshooter, Survival Expert, and Demoman. Classes differ in skills and special weapons that will help in the fight against a new enemy.

Upon reaching the maximum level, the player will face the “Black Tusk”, a group of well-armed and trained soldiers. They even have a machine gun turret that looks like a dog. Black Tusk brings new challenges, missions, and raids for up to eight players.

If this content is not enough for you, then welcome to PvP mode, where you can prove your superiority to other players. So far the game has only two standard modes – Shootout and Domination. In the first case, the players simply kill each other, and in the second, they simultaneously try to capture points on the map. PvP sounds like fun, but it’s a far cry from Destiny 2’s Crucible.

Ubisoft is also promising to add new content, and this summer, The Division 2 will receive the first free expansion pack with new missions and game modes. There will be three such updates in total, and this will not be the case. ‘is that for the first year.


I want to scold

While The Division 2 is fine with content and gameplay, the technical part is frustrating. It’s clear that the game world is vast and you don’t have to rely on the prohibitive level of graphics, but you still don’t want to watch the textures load in real time.

Less often the game was spoiled by bugs with graphics and music. Already the first cutscene greeted me with a “ridiculous”, when my character simply disappeared, but his weapon became magical, gained intelligence and began to fire levitating on enemies. Not Assassin’s Creed: Unity, but frustrating.

Luckily the netcode is correct and The Division 2 only kicked me out once due to server maintenance. Additionally, bullets fly to the target point and injure enemies when needed. There is no problem with the shooting.


In the dry residue

The Division 2 performs its main task – to entertain the player. Maybe in the long run the game will run out quickly, but now there’s something going on in it, and it’s addicting. In addition, Ubisoft promises to expand the “Division” with updates with new raids, modes and missions. The only downsides to The Division 2 are bad storyline and optimization, and if the last downside can be crossed out by updates, the history won’t work.


Who will like the game:

Players who enjoyed the first The Division

  • Open world shooters fans
  • Those who want to play with a friend in co-op
  • For fans of the post-apocalypse
  • MMO and grind lovers (yes there are)
  • For gamers who love the military and hate sci-fi

Who will definitely not like the game:

Players looking for a good scenario

  • Lovers of beautiful graphics, you have nothing to catch
  • Gamers who have a lot of time for video games
  • If you are a PvP fan and come out of the crucible

The Division 2 is available for download on PlayStation Store (PS4), Microsoft Store (XONE), Epic Games Store, and uPlay.

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