IPad Games: Rings Of Chaos

IPad Games – The company of motley heroes, divided into very contradictory pairs, ends up in a mysterious place called “L’Arche”. Does the agent talk to heroes? a monster resembling a mixture of Koshchei the Immortal and Darth Vader.

He says: you are supposed to be selected for a very important test. You have to prove your strength and then the pairs will take turns fighting. The last survivor will gain incredible power and eternal youth. And who will refuse to participate in the contest or do something against the rules? will die a terrible death.

After such a dashing introduction (in which, incidentally, a rebel dies, who does not believe the Agent), the game is no longer in a hurry to say anything. Is the plot information fed per hour by a teaspoon? dialogues between the heroes, during the agent’s rare appearances. Most of the time, you fight monsters, beat bosses, and sometimes solve puzzles.

It is all presented as follows. Hero? do you pick a pair at the start of the game? start in a small walk-in closet. There is a shop (weapons, armor, all kinds of tsatski? The range is constantly updated) and a huge door leading to different dungeons. Pick the correct one and continue for pumping. Dungeons are actually named conditionally.

They are made up of pieces of open and closed spaces. You run in the great outdoors (desert, city, jungle, etc.), then you find yourself in closed corridors resembling guts… Well, do you stop? it will be a spoiler. Learn all about the game yourself.

Do encounters with opponents happen suddenly? you don’t see them in advance. Simply put, the random encounter system works, in terms of game terminology. You run to your chest with a bonus, and the screen suddenly floods with a flash and the battle begins. The combat system has two key characteristics.

First, since the heroes act in pairs here, they can attack the enemy in pairs. This technique is more effective than a single attack. They are good at defeating ordinary opponents. But in duels with powerful monsters or with bosses, should you use pair attacks more carefully? they give the initiative to the enemy.

Second key point? various natural elements upon which the local magical system is built. Conventionally, fire, earth and water. Or paper-stone scissors? to use a simpler analogy. The nuances of the interaction of the elements should be constantly reminded. If you burn a fiery monster with fire? nothing good will come of it. Flaming reptiles should be filled with water. Additionally, in Chaos Rings, can and should you “hook” items to both heroes and enemies? to, respectively, increase the defense or improve the effect of the attacks of your protections.

The combat system in Chaos Rings is pretty good. Is it important because the battles? a key part of the game. They aren’t too confusing, but not entirely primitive either. If you choose the right dungeon difficulty, then even ordinary opponents will be able to cause problems? which means that fighting with them does not become a routine. In addition, heroes regularly discover new magical skills (they are sorted into groups – the so-called genes), which increases the variety of tactical techniques.

The puzzle locations that sometimes appear on the way are also very interesting. The task always comes down to collecting magic crystals, for which you will have to manipulate the blocks blocking the path. Turn them on and off, move them from place to place, etc. Aren’t the puzzles difficult? they’re not there to boil your brain, but to distract you from pumping. In general, a rather positive image is formed objectively.

The game is quite fascinating, fighting with opponents and generally swinging is interesting, the plot from a certain point begins to amaze with the cosmogony so beloved of the Japanese. Grinda? still typical of Eastern projects? there is not much here.

Could the graphics be better? The 3D models are still nothing, but the flat backgrounds spreading out in pixels are very unpleasantly surprising. I admit that after watching the intro, I even rechecked it? Did you buy the HD version for sure? Certainly after a while you get used to these pixel backgrounds and they don’t cause irritation anymore.

There is only one important “but”. If you are familiar with jRPG? Chaos Rings are unlikely to please you. By “familiar” I don’t mean hardcore fanaticism. If you played the most typical representatives of the genre? Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Grandia, etc. – then you will instantly understand that this thing is not for them. There is no original world, the characters are too stereotypical, the fighting game is too simple compared to the “big brothers”, the emphasis on the plot is too weak.

On the other hand, if you only know Japanese RPGs from hearsay (or know nothing at all), don’t hesitate to give it a try. Chaos Rings is great for short play sessions, and it can be played at least four times in a row – for each pair of heroes available (in each of the options the storyline changes slightly). If you buy the game on sale, the price / content ratio is excellent.

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